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Water Foam

Sports Medicine & Hydrotherapy

“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.” 

– Kevin Trudeau

Sports Medicine

   Naturopathic sports medicine involves hands-on therapies designed to treat orthopedic (joints, muscle, and bones) complaints. Treatments are tailored to aid in injury recovery and provide pain relief. Sports Medicine services provided here include:

Dry Needling

A technique where a very fine, short, stainless steel needle is inserted into a "trigger point", or an area of knotted muscle. This helps release the knot and relieve pain and muscle spasms which can lead to greater range of motion and flexibility. 

Kinesio Taping- coming soon 

A therapeutic taping procedure that supports muscles, tendons, and ligaments while promoting movement of lymph fluid. This results in decreased swelling and inflammation, decreased bruising, and decreased pain. Kinesio taping supports the bodies natural healing ability.   

Muscle Energy Technique

A soothing methodology to decrease muscle tension and stiffness. A hydrocolator pack is applied and allowed to warm the muscle followed by a series of gentle stretching alternating with mild resistance to activate the muscle and release tightness. 


An ancient technique where cups are applied to the skin to create suction. This suction lifts the skin, promoting blood circulation and helps to break-up entangled fascia tissues. This relieves muscle tension and can promote cellular repair. *Note: bruising is a common and expected side effect of cupping, especially in areas where there has been circulatory congestion.


   Hydrotherapy has a long rich history and is one of the roots of Naturopathic Medicine. Hydrotherapy services provided here include: 

Constitutional Hydrotherapy

A healing modality that feels like a spa treatment! Constitutional hydrotherapy uses applications of hot and cold compresses applied to the chest, abdomen, and back concurrent with a mild sine wave stimulation. The procedure takes about 60 minutes and is beneficial for digestive and respiratory complaints, supports immune function and circulation and promotes detoxification.  

Ear Lavage

Gentle ear canal irrigation with a mixture of warm water and hydrogen peroxide to remove excess wax. 


A superb therapy for sinus congestion and infections, nasosympatico uses an essential oil blend applied to cotton swabs that are then gently inserted into the nasal cavity.

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