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Office Visits & House Calls


   In order to get to know you well enough to provide individualized treatment, the first visit is quite long (90 mins.) and requires an extensive intake. Expect to go in depth into your personal health history, family history, and your daily living habits. Successive visits are shorter (30 to 45 mins.) but will still entail a detailed intake particular to what is being discussed. In short, expect to be asked a lot of questions! 

     Preventative visits (also known as annual exams) go into daily health habits, check in on family history on disease known to run in families (such as colon cancer), discuss preventative testing (such as colonoscopies for those over 50) and entails a thorough head to toe physical exam. 

Labs & Diagnosis

     Laboratory testing is often utilized to accurately evaluate the cause of symptoms and indicate the most appropriate treatment. I offer comprehensive testing, when needed, to get to the bottom of what's going on. Other tests are done preventatively at your annual exam. Some of these tests may include:

  • digestive health labs including SIBO testing

  • hormone testing including thyroid

  • CBC 

  • iron panel for anemia

  • liver and kidney panel 

  • urine dip stick

  • food sensitivity testing

  • cholesterol levels or cardiology markers  

  • blood sugar 

    Physical exam is part of every appointment, from vitals to a focused physical exam or the extensive head-to-toe of the annual.    

     Imaging is ordered as needed. 


     Each treatment plan is individualized to you. It is tailored to your needs and starts with where you are at in your health journey. It will include diet and lifestyle recommendations custom-made for you. As well as the guidance on diet and lifestyle, prescriptions for supplements are often made. They may be vitamins, minerals, herbs, and/or other naturally procured substances. Any supplement prescriptions can be ordered  through the dispensary on Wellevate. Biofeedback to balance your nervous system or sports medicine  may also be included as part of your treatment plan. 

House Calls

"Have Jeep, will travel."

     Sometimes you need a doctor but can't make it in to the office. Schedule a house call and I will come to you. The visit will be similar to a regular office call, with intake and physical exam as well as any labs and treatment needed. Up to 45 minutes of travel time to you is included in the consideration of the cost of the visit.

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